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So, this is some maintenance work I did over the weekend! In the top picture, you can see this lovely lady’s unmaintained locks. There was a lot of loose hair to be pulled in (enough in one spot to make a new, thin dread!) and a lot of wild zigzags. It was a divine and lovely mess of hair. 

She asked me to do some maintenance, and you can see on the second picture what the dreads looked like after I’d had a bit of time with them. 

The bottom left picture shows the cutest little baby dread in existence- this is what happens if you do neglect your loose hairs! Sometimes they dread themselves. It’s so darling!! 

Finally, the bottom right picture is a mid-progress photo. I’d finished the right side of her hair, but the left was still untouched. 

Sometimes, crochet maintenance is a good choice for your hair! I managed to pull in most of the big loops, and actually shrink down some big dreads that had begun to look a bit like paddles. As you can see, crochet hooking can take care of some messiness, but it can’t fix every bump and loop. It can tidy things up, but it can’t make your hair look “perfect” - and who needs perfection anyhow? Our flaws make us interesting and beautiful!

All in all, I had a fun experience, and this lovely lady was happy, too! I love getting to work on people’s locks. 

If you live in Oregon and need maintenance, contact me on my main blog:


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