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holy shit that picture of my fingernails has over 10,000 notes… *faints*

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Anna Taut
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Did anyone else notice that wal-mart is converting all its cosmetics sections into little caged-in areas with only one way in and one way out??

I really really hate it! It makes me feel so cramped and crowded and like someone is looking over my shoulder. I am sure it is for loss prevention (i.e. catching shoplifters) but they are creating some loss by making me too comfortable to even go in! =/ 

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25.08 ; GHST RDR (by Tahti Syrjala)
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Such androgynous w/o make-up. 

pretty femme, imo. <3 also your brow game is en pointe
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I hate liberal arts omg. 
Yeah, womens’ history is great and all, but putting forth my best work and my best efforts then not getting an A is depressing as fuck. 

I know if I get a B in chemistry, that’s fine, but in a history class?? Usually my grades are due to my application or laziness, not due to my failings as a writer. Ugh. I cannot fucking wait until I never have to take one of these shitty classes again!! Math, please! 

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