Just had an obsessive cleaning episode. 

mental health, what in the hell do you think you’re up to?????


I just kind of took over someone’s post on why it isn’t okay to use the word “retard” and brought up that it is also not okay to say the word “midget.” (they’re both akin to “faggot” and racial slurs)

And how it’s better to say “little person” and gave some links, and then they erased my comments and I feel like I made an ass of myself or stepped over a line by typing those words out. 

I had a relative who is little but I don’t want to seem like I am championing a cause that isn’t my own and I wouldn’t want him to see my posts and think I was overstepping a bound and now I feel weird and bad but I really just want people to not use that word and to stop thinking it’s okay to joke about little people

and now I am just embarrassed

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